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Skeeter Beater v2.3.1

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Overview: Track Beat Skeeters / Mosquitoes an augmented reality us phone sensors

Do hate those pesky mosquitoes seem buzz annoyly around when are try enjoy summer even. Well here chance take revenge those skeeters. T fully interactive an augmented reality allows use fer squash m while mov phone find more. Hy Skeeter Beatin’.

- Gameplay -

Use touch screen beat Skeeters. Beat enough Skeeters within limit advance next round.

A point deducted after a level specific number of miss touches.

Each round becomes increasly more difficult faster Skeeters, shorter limits, higher required scores.

Bonus Mode entered when enough points pass a round has obtained. Bonus Mode lasts remainder of round, allow additional points with risk of point deductions.

Each round ends when up when Skeeters round have beaten.

- 3D Mode -

Utilize phone sensors track Skeeters full 360 degree range of motion. Move phone up, down, left, right track find Skeeters. When no Skeeters are visible, use sounds determine ir location.

- 2D Mode -

Restricts Skeeters movements proximity screen. Phone movement has no effect .

- HUD -

Top Left:

Number of Skeeters required & Remain Misses (red)

Top Right:

Remain round

Bonus Mode Top Left:

Total Round Score (green)

- Game Modes -

Hunt 3D: Move phone Hunt fly Skeeters.

Search 3D: Move phone Search “motionless” Skeeters.

Bash 3D: Move phone Bash a large number of Skeeters.

Bash 2D: Bash Skeeters with us phone sensors.

- Setngs -

Camera Background: Use phone camera background place of sky image.

Orientation Sensors: Orientation sensors are used place of Accelerometer Magnec Field sensors. Sensor permance varies each phone. Choose setng provides smoost experience.

Sound: Play sounds when enabled

- Known Issues -

Plac phone sleep mode while play cause phone sensors stop reporng horizontal direction. If t hens, rotat phone a full circle somemes restart sensors.

- Strategy -

Carefully beat Skeeters unl reach required number round. Then take a more aggressive roach misses no longer result point loss.

Focus slor Skeeters first somemes resulng a combo a pass by fast Skeeter.

Hold phone steady while attempt beat m y don’t suddenly move at last second due sensors.

T has NO adversements

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