The Best of the Android Market

1) Netflix- because it's cool and I can watch Prison Break while I drink my free coffee refill at McDonald's.

2) GrooveIP- Who doesn't want to turn their unactivated smart phone into a free VOIP for just 4.99?

3) Double Twist- So I can transfer my iTunes music to an Android device!

4) Pandora-I enjoy being able to carry free custom music stations around with me.

5) Flashlight- It turns your phone's display into a flashlight!

6) Astrid Tasks- This is for making and organizing lists. Goodbye to the days of making a grocery list, only to leave it at home!

7) Dolphin Browser- I like the tabs function, favorites and bookmark features

8) Translate- This amazing app translates to and from many languages. You can type or speak the phrase you want to translate and then read or play audio of the translation! I have used this at work to communicate with clients who speak Spanish, as I am not fluent.

9) Daily Bible- You can get daily devotionals, read straight through or search by keyword. I wish it was available for free as a download!

10) Puzzle Star- It's a Tetris style game, which came in handy while I waiting in the doctors office today! It is a download so I was able to use it even without an internet connection.

11) Kindle for Android- This is a great way to maximize your smart phones value. Instead of buying two devices for your reading and talking you can have it all in the palm of your hand.

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