ɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Apk ₪Jump Desktop (RDP & VNC) v4.0.11

ɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Jump Desktop (RDP & VNC) v4.0.11 ɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Jump Desktop a remote desktop lication lets control comper from phone tablet. Compatible both RDP VNC, Jump Desktop secure, reliable very easy set up. streamlined user interface gives best possible remote desktop experience any of mobile tablet devices.ɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Easy setup reliable:ɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Jump Desktop very easy configure; anyone it! Just visit:http://jumpdesktop.com/go PC Mac follow step-by-step instructions. ’ll be up runn no .ɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Secure built open standards:ɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Jump Desktop a true RDP VNC client built- support encryption. It lets connect comper us an IP address hostname, if already have RDP VNC configured it.ɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Porful features:ɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Unleash full por of phone tablet while connected comper. Multouch ready - pinch--zoom two fer scroll controll comper easy productive. Jump's mul-threaded render engine has fine tuned Android. Jump's VNC RDP decod of fastest 'll find Android.ɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ If need help, visit http://support.jumpdesktop.com email us at:support@jumpdesktop.comɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Refund policy: If 'd a refund just email support@jumpdesktop.com Android market receipt 'll issue a refund - no questions asked.ɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Features:ɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Mul-protocol: supports RDP VNCɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Mul-touch ready: Pinch-zoom, two fer scroll, mouse dragg supported. Even three fer taps are supported quickly show hide keyboard.ɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Easy secure setup: Aomatily configure PC Mac remote access us Wi-Fi 3G with worry ab rer setngs. Set up many compers manage m us Google account (optional)ɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ SSH Tunnel support (!)ɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ best external keyboard mouse support Android: Supports external keyboard ke shortcs. Right mouse clicks supported too external mice - natural, PC !ɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Universal lication: Works tablets phones - buy it once use it Android devicesɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Full support multask: Switch s with disconnectɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Supports large custom screen resolionɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Full mouse support: left right clicks, dragg, scroll, precision pointer movementɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ RDP features:ɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Tested : Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2, SBS Serverɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Secure: 40/56/128bit RDP, TLS/SSL, FIPS NLA ahencation supportɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Supports 8, 16 24-bit colors RDP permance optionsɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Mulple monitor support Windows 7 aboveɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Console sessionsɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Audio streamɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ VNC features:ɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Tested Mac OS X, TightVNC, RealVNC, UltraVNC, Linux (Ubuntu Remote Desktop)ɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Secure: Supports SSL encryption when used Jump's aomatic setup instructions:http://jumpdesktop.com/goɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ 8 16-bit colorɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ OS X Screen Shar supportɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Mulple monitor supportɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Supported encods: copyrect, zrle, tight, (zl)hextile, zl, rre, raw, desktop-resizeɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ 's t version : (Updated : Sep 8, 2012)ɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Stability fixesɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Fixed: Shift key not work Linux VNCɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ Required Android O/S : 2.2+ɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ ɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ ɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ

https://play.google.com/store/s/d...s.android.jump ɐɳḓṟṓḹḋ http://www.directmirror.com/files/0MSZFOGM

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