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Night Vision Camera v1.1.5

Requirements By Top Download Apk Files | Android Apps | Top Android Market s | Topandroidmarkets.blogspot.com: Android 2.2 higher

Overview: T lication maximizes device camera dark! Aomatic adjustment of image parts improve visibility low light conditions.

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- Adjustable light sensitivity

- Save images by a sle bton press

- Control camera flash maximize visibility

- Supports front camera if available (requires Android 2.3+)

- Can be used create cool photos ll lighted situations also, try adjust light sensitivity!

Known issues:

- Image orientation incorrect some tablets

Disclaimer: Because phone cameras don’t involve usage of infrared, final quality of night vision determined by phones camera. T takes of it, it’s up device how ll see dark. You alwa use t just creat cool look photos.

If have any issues lication don’t hesitate contact us at support@fersoft.net.


Aomated translation:


Recent changes:

1.1.5: Saved images are now orientated properly.

1.1.4: Fixed front camera not work many ICS devices.

More Info:




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