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F-Sim Space Shtle v2.0.111

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Overview: A highly realistic simulation of space shtle roach land!


With F-Sim Space Shtle, a number flight simulator iOS finally arrives Android. It simulates space shtle’s roach land unprecedented detail accuracy. Take comm of Orbiter dur final mines of descent, touchdown safely at John F. Kennedy Space Center Edwards Air Force Base.

After land, watch a replay of flight from different perspectives, a chase plane from tor. A sopticated land analis also available, only best pilots are awarded a “perfect land” score.

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The Orbiter’s roach seven times steeper twice fast compared a commercial airliner’s roach. Also, because dur descent it an unpored glider, only have chance get it right.

The included manual torials will familiarize head up display (HUD) explain different roach land phases. After some practice first successful touchdown, try crosswind night lands.

Strik realism

Flight dynamics, guidance, navigation, control (GNC) stems, HUD are simulated accurately great detail.

Follow guidance symbol HUD stay head alignment cone (HAC) align orbiter runway centerline, n follow flare reference symbol perm preflare maneuver. Don’t get keep an eye visual land aids precision roach path indicators (PAPI) ball/bar light stem stay er inner glideslopes, respectively.

Let aopilot control rudder, speed brake, gear, che, control m self. If dare, simulate stem failures a stuck speed brake HUD/guidance malfunctions.

A wide range of options

Take place commander’s seat stunn virtual cockpit, view flight from different external camera perspectives. Choose beten accelerometer (tilt) controls (virtual) analog sticks steer Orbiter. L both shtle land facilities, fly eir final full roaches by select of four possible HACs. Configure night lands, clear overcast skies, visibility, wind, many parameters.

Achievements leaderboards

It will take some practice, b first safe, good, perfect lands are rewarded OpenFeint achievements. A total of 15 medals badges are wait top astronas, unlock two secret, hidden achievements. Once ’ve become an expert space shtle commander, compare scores online leaderboards best pilots world.

A number title

F-Sim Space Shtle has received rave reviews from flight simulation enthusiasts across world ranked among best simulations iOS App Store.

T Android version based version 2.0 of iOS , some features added from versions 2.2 2.4. We will more features fure updates.

We’ve tested t version extensively a large number of Android devices. If still run into problems, please let us know ’ll our best fix m.

What’s t version :

A of improvements fixes known problems, includ:• Improved ture quality devices ETC ture compression (e.g. Galaxy S2/3).

Added support devices 16MB RAM.

On some devices HUD was black, t has fixed now.

F-Sim runs flawlessly Galaxy S2 now.

me audio silent & vibrate mode

T has no adversements

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