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Xelorians - Space Shooter v1.2.4
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Overview: Xelorians a shoot’em up inspired by arcade console s of 90s . I have created t a tribe Tyrian PC.


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Bee purchas full version, check if demo version works properly device.
If have low framerate, send me an email device name instead of giv star - I'll try optimize it . Thanks!
------How play?--------
Move around screen by hold indicator a fer.
When remove fer from indicator, will pause.
everyth from rotat rs yellow Xelor crtals.
Avoid everyth else.
------Game features: -----
First episode, 6 excit highly dynamic stages
30 of enemy units
3 difficulty modes
8 of strong apons
6 bosses
6 electronic soundtracks
Camera zoom
Bullet (includ sound)
Due technologi development discovery of red matter 2021, colonization of Mars became a fact. Develop ory enabled controll its exist m. The world has changed thanks ! Machines which slow down are a permanent element of human life.
In 2026, just after establish EIA (Earth Interplanetary Alliance) determin space law, people started regular trips into space. Thanks minerals obtained dur explorations of planets, technologi development connues pick up pace.
15 years later, at beginn of 2036 after intercept an unusual signal from an unknown civilization, EIA Ministry assigned its financial logistic resources order anor contact..
Untunately, Xelorians turned be uninterested diplomatic contact humans only activity which y re will take towards human bes was begin military action.
The First Contact War began 2037.
Thanks diversify actions found eign race, Xelorians y would l mselves, had expansive intenons.
After a biophi analis of a captured alive Xelorian, our sciensts found destructive genes those species re assimilated ir DNA arficially, thus be certain re someth of very unknown unimaginable human race behind invasion.
Hover, eign race committed a huge mistake. They have misestimated ir chances not know humans are capable of. Although human civilization com a destruction point, people have come toger bee.
Phicists have discovered source of supply of eign units. They are crtals of Xelors which most cases are undamaged dur destruction. The phicists have developed provisional mechanisms which reince kinec properes of specific apons when implemented into m.
You are an airman of a standard EIA hybrid unit of 5th generation.
Current aim: resist prevent attack Earth

Wha t version: (Updated : Sep 10, 2012)

S-PEN compatibility mode ( ship will be alwa under pen )
Ship balance

T has no adversements

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