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3G Manager v1.2

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Overview: 3G Manager allow save battery avoid excessive Electromagnec exposure by aomatily disabl mobile data connection when lock screen.

The manager allow keep receiv notifications by aomatily re-enabl connection from two mines permit sync.

You specify reconnection interval setngs.


- Aomatily disable mobile data screen-off

- Aomatily enable mobile data screen unlock screen

- Aomatily disable mobile data manager when WiFi connected

- Delayed disconnection screen off allow rapid chatng

- Periodic reconnection allow notifications

- Specify first reconnection (bee periodic reconnection)

- The manager will be aobatily paused while: charg, l, airplane mode Ter/Hotspot mode

- WidgetLocker support

- Aomatily disable mobile data while l (optional)

- Manager /off widget (1×1)

- Manager /off + periodic reconnections /off widget (2×1)

- Optionally disable sync low battery (when <= 15%)

Com soon:

- Sleep mode

Note: maximize battery sav set higher re-connection interval totally disable it ( will lose notification)

What’s t version:


If ’t see widgets launcher after install please try reboot phone (Android bug)


- Manager /off + manager sync /off widget (2×1)

- Optionally disable sync low battery (when <= 15%)

- Various improvements

T has NO adversements

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